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Tortoise Pads T2 – Padded Shorts

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Seven Pad Impact Protection Padded Shorts
  • The best protection in the industry – for skateboarding, inline skating, derby, snowboarding, scooters, and BMX.
  • T2 pads cover more of your hips and butt – and with longer-lasting pads – than any other impact shorts.
  • Firmer Foam For More Aggressive Applications
  • CUSTOMIZABLE PAD THICKNESS – All sizes are shipped with the 5/8? thick standard pad configuration inserted into the pockets.
  • Flexible Multi-Layer Design
  • Multi-Density Protection
  • Wide 1.5? jacquard elastic waistband combined with a draw cord to help ensure that the shorts and pads don’t slip down during use.
  • Breathable Power Mesh Spandex Shorts
  • Pad Pockets Made With Moisture Management Fabric
  • 7 Pad Protection System
  • Need to figure out your size? Check out our T2/T3 Sizing Chart

This product comes packaged with 7 sets of multi-layer pads. Looking for pads that just cover your butt and glutes? See the Tortoise Pads T3 Three Pad Padded Shorts.


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