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Lucky is one of the original companies in the pro scooter scene. Today, Lucky continues to support riders, retailers, and industry events to help advance our sport and attract new talent. Rider communities on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter make Lucky the most talked about pro scooter company in the world.

Original Pro Scooter Player
Lucky has been a leading player on the pro scooter scene since 2008 when we started to make custom parts in a garage in Sammamish, Washington. We came to be known as a maker of high-quality aftermarket scooter parts, and we rapidly gained a loyal following. Soon after, we launched luckyscoot.com, and demand for high-quality scooter parts skyrocketed. We’ve never looked back.

Since the beginning, Lucky has been first and foremost about riders. In the early days, our team riders traveled to events like SD1 and CooterCon, back when Lucky, Proto, Phoenix, and MaddGear were among the very few companies in the game.

Over the years, as the industry has grown, we’ve graduated many of the sport’s talented riders. Today, our legendary Pro team is stacked with elite riders, including World Champions. Our Title and Flow teams are talent factories for the rising generation of rippers, street demons, and future world champions. All our team riders continue to compete at events, travel to street jams, coach at scooter camps (Woodward, Ohio Dreams), and tour the world to demo their skills..

Since the early days, we have prided ourselves on innovative designs. As the first company to release an aftermarket CNC-machined scooter deck and one-piece forks, we learned through trial and error what it takes to build unbreakable parts. Today, we are working with the best manufacturers, industrial designers, engineers, and urban illustrators from around the world to create products that are amazing to ride, functionally superior to anything on the market, and works of art.

Next Gen of Pro Scooter Parts and Riders
The next generation of Lucky represents a breakthrough in the industry. We are continuing to innovate, promote the sport, nurture riders, invest in the industry, and create future opportunities for our riders to find careers in the sport they love. We are proud to say that we have a team full of top professional scooter riders, all masters of their craft and unique in their riding style. We constantly strive to push the boundaries on high-quality, freestyle scooters and hope to one day bring the sport to the masses so the world can appreciate our art form.



Our mission is to usher in the era of scootering as the most popular action sport in the world. We are focused and passionate about creating quality pro scooter products, supporting our riders, promoting the sport, and transforming it into a sport that riders can pursue as a career.

Our company values are built on four pillars that we live by:

    • Quality—Athletes and fans around the world have embraced us and our parts because they are designed, manufactured, and assembled with quality in mind. We’ve maintained a commitment to quality since our founding. In fact, many of the products we sell today are based on the early designs we built for local riders in the early days of our company.

    • Design for Performance—Our engineers and designers are purists—and it shows in the way our products look and perform. While many companies focus on colors and branding, we’ve focused on design that contributes to durability, speed, and control. Feedback from our team riders also improves our development and testing by allowing us to build the best products to meet the high standards of today’s best riders. Lucky products are tested to the highest standards by independent laboratories and our in-house Quality Assurance department to make sure they exceed our strict tolerances and quality requirements.

    • Citizenship & Community—Lucky believes that active kids are a sign of a healthy community. We strongly encourage our employees and Pro riders to be productive, moral, respectful citizens in their country and their community. We discourage the use of drugs, profanity, pornography, violence, vandalism, and any illegal activities. Our team is actively involved in our local and global community, giving back time, skills, and products to help develop the industry and its riders. Our leadership team and team riders regularly volunteer time for instructional camps and programs, judge competitions, and donate product to fundraisers and events.

    • Customer Service—We aim to provide a terrific buying experience. We constantly work to improve and upgrade our web site, social media sites, and our processes to make sure that from the time a user enters our web site to the time they order and receive their product, they feel like part of the Lucky family. Answers to frequently asked questions can be found on our FAQ page.

      Unlike most of our competitors, we welcome customers to call us directly at 866-294-8669 (between 8 am and 3pm MST, Monday through Friday) or email us at info@luckyscooters.com. We will try to address all requests, complaints, and questions within 24 hours during business hours.