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DUBL™ - Pro Scooter Clamp

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SCS - Pro Scooter Clamp

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3D Modeled in Solidworks, and prototyped by our engineers then tested by our international team of athletes, Lucky scooter clamps have been optimized for strength and clamping performance. All clamps start off with billet T6 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and are CNC machined to our spec before hitting the powdercoat or anodize shop. We finish each pro scooter clamp off by torqueing in some hardened clamp bolts to minimize rounding of bolt heads.

The Lucky DUBL, TRES Clamp, and SCS are designed to fit oversized bars (1 and 3/8”) right out of the box. Our SCS is a combination of a pro scooter clamp and compression system, which is beefier and stronger than alternative compression systems. No matter what you’re running, we’ve got you covered! Browse our huge collection of Lucky scooter clamps below.


What are the different types of pro scooter clamps?

There are two main types of pro scooter clamps: SCS and Standard clamps. Our SCS Pro scooter clamps will help keep your bars clamped down on your pro scooter and also add some height to your bars! Standard pro scooter clamps are the most common form of clamps and come in different variations like our DUBL and Triple pro scooter clamps!

Which pro scooter clamp do I need for my pro scooter?

What pro scooter clamp you need depends on what compression system you are using. For example, if you are using HIC or TCS, and have a slit cut into your bars, then you will need one of our standard clamps such as the DUBL, Triple and Standard clamps. If you are running SCS then you will need to use an SCS pro scooter clamp. Keep in mind that when using SCS it will raise the height of your bars by about an inch.

What does a pro scooter clamp do?

A pro scooter clamp secures your bars to your fork using compression and by tightening the bolts on the side of the clamp. For standard clamps, your clamp will slide on your bars and then your bars will slide over your HIC shim or TCS system which is over the fork. Your bars will have a slit cut into them so the bars can compress and sit tightly around the compression system. For SCS, your bars will slide into one side of the clamp while the other side bolts into the top of your pro scooter fork. If you want a step by step video of how to install your pro scooter clamp and bars check out our how to videos here https://www.luckyscooters.com/pages/lucky-how-to-videos