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What are Pro Scooter Grips?

Pro scooter grips are essential – they’re the only connection between
you and your ride as you’re taking the impacts of freestyle riding. Pro
Scooter Grips are placed on the bars of a pro scooter to give the rider a
place to hold on to. We combined properties of breathability, stylish
aesthetics, and high-rebound compound into the development of our
VICEgrips for a ride like no other. A simple fix to a common problem, a
better ride is as easy as a pair of Lucky pro scooter grips

Which Pro Scooter Grips should I use?

Which pro scooter grips you use is entirely up to the rider and their
preference. Some riders like thicker and more durable grips while others
prefer softer and thinner ones. Lucky Pro Scooter grips are the best of
both worlds! Giving you a soft comfortable grip but still keeping its
durability to ensure they will last.

Are all Pro Scooter Grips the same size?

While some pro scooter grips can be longer than others, almost all pro
scooter grips are compatible with most pro scooter bars. All Lucky Pro
Scooter Grips will fit all of our pro scooter bars. The size of the pro
scooter grip is a matter of personal preference.