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CREW™ Pro Scooter Deck

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COVENANT™ Pro Scooter Deck

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What Pro Scooter Deck is the Best Size for Me?

Choosing which Pro Scooter Deck is best for you mainly depends on your riding style. For example, the Prospect XL Deck
is a much heavier and sturdier deck so it can withstand the rough
terrain of the streets and street riding. While a pro scooter deck like
is much lighter and smaller so you can learn and perform park tricks
easier. If you are planning on riding street then you may want to pick a
pro scooter deck that is heavier and wider like the EVO and if you are
planning on riding park, you may go with a pro .scooter deck like the

What does the deck of a pro scooter do?

The deck is one of the most important parts of a pro scooter. Without
the deck we would have nothing to stand on! The wheels, bars, and fork
all connect directly to the deck so it is a part you are going to need.
The underside of the deck is made as flat as possible to allow for
smoother and more controlled grinds and slides on rails, ledges, and
boxes. The deck is also what contributes to the majority of the weight
of a pro scooter so if you want a pro scooter on the lighter side, then
you may want to choose a deck like the PROSPECT

What is the best pro scooter deck

The best pro scooter deck depends on many factors like your riding
style, age, size and experience. If you are a beginner, then a pro
scooter deck like the CREW or PROSPECT
will be great due to its light weight and smaller size. If you are a
bigger person and want a more durable pro scooter deck, then COVENANT
is the perfect choices. Lucky has a wide variety of pro scooter decks
which are good for all kinds of riders! Find the one that is best for
you today!