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Scooters come loose, it’s only normal! Be prepared by grabbing yourself the pro scooter tools needed to keep your ride tight, safe, and dialed!

Please note:  Tools provided in our complete scooters are intended to be used for bar installation, headset adjustment and brake removal/replacement. Additional tools may necessary to remove wheels and or axles.  

scooter tool kit is not only a good idea it is a necessity- A small kit containing the provided hex keys as well as an adjustable wrench will make easy work of the small adjustments and maintenance. If you plan to replace or just remove the wheels for maintenance you will need a more extensive collection of tools. Below is a list of what we keep on the bench here at Lucky:

- 4mm T handle hex key

- 5mm T handled hex key

- 13mm socket with ratchet and breaker bar

- Small Plastic Hammer

- Medium size Adjustable Wrench 

- multipurpose grease

Remember to keep your scooter clean and dry, and with a little bit of time and maintenance your scooter will remain dialed. 




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