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HURACAN™ HIC Pro Scooter Fork

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From $ 59.96 USD $ 79.95
HURACAN™ IHC Pro Scooter Fork
From $ 59.96 USD $ 79.95


What is the best pro scooter fork?

All of Lucky's pro scooter forks come in many different shapes and sizes
but they are all made of the best materials to make sure your pro
scooter lasts! So, the best pro scooter fork is whichever one works best
for you and your pro scooter. The Lucky HURACAN
pro scooter fork is the best fork for all of your riding needs. All of
our pro scooter forks are built to last and for pro scooter riders so
whichever pro scooter fork you choose will be the best one!

What pro scooter forks work with my scooter?

All of our pro scooter forks are compatible with all of our pro scooter
decks and pro scooter bars you just need to make sure you are running
the correct compression system. You can find more information on which
compression system works best with the pro scooter fork you want on our Compression page.

What is a star nut and do I need it?

A star nut is a type of nut that is pressed into the tube of the fork and allows
the fork and headset components to be pulled into place in the deck's
head tube. This will make your deck, fork, headset and wheels into one
solid unit. On all of our forks that use star nuts there will be an
option for us to add one for you if needed! If you do not see an option
to add a star nut to one of our pro scooter forks it may be because the
fork you are looking at uses a different type of compression system that
doesn't require a star nut.


Design is more than looks when it comes to freestyle scooter forks! The Lucky Huracan Pro Scooter Fork in IHC or HIC has you covered with its industry leading strength & durability, and is one of the lightest forks on the market. All forks are cold forged, and CNC machined to our specifications for maximum strength and precision.

Whether your hopping curbs or your local 20 stair, our Lucky Huracan pro scooter forks are up for the occasion!