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What is a Pro Scooter Headset?

On a scooter the headset is a set of parts that provide a way for the fork and compression to rotate with in the deck headtube. Inside the two cups are bearings which provide a low friction contact between the bearing cup and the fork steer tube. Normal pro scooter headsets and head tubes are sized for a 1 1/8' diameter. The larger diameter of the head tube and headset gives added stiffness to the steering portion of the pro scooter.

What are the two types of Pro Scooter Headsets?

There are two types of headsets for Pro Scooters. Integrated and Non Integrated. An integrated headset will not have the bearing cups to be pressed into the scooter. For this headset to be used a bearing cup has to be built into the scooter. Non integrated headsets work just like integrated headsets, but will have some extra parts.  The main difference will be that the headset will have a set of cups that will need to be pressed into the head tube of your deck.