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You have clicking sounds in your headset? Bars seem a little stiff?
Sometimes all you need is a little grease to make everything smooth as butter again.








How to Install Clamp and Bars

Lucky pro rider Cody Flom explains how to install clamp and bars on your Lucky Complete Scooter.
Although, he explains the installation on a Lucky Covenant Complete, the process is the same for all models.








Bar Height & Width Recommendation

Lucky pro rider Cody Flom gives his recommendation on what size bar height & width you should choose on your Lucky Complete Scooter.

Click here for Bar Height & Width Recommendation Guide 







2019 Lucky Crew Complete Scooter | Unboxing & Assembly








2019 Lucky Covenant Complete Scooter | Unboxing & Assembly








2019 Lucky Evo Complete Scooter | Unboxing & Assembly