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Whether you’re a brand-new rider or an expert in the sport, we have a variety of pro scooter sizes to help you make the most out of your riding experience. Our pro scooter size chart provides some details about our four complete scooters and highlights some of their best qualities. Our beginner models are a great if you’re just starting out and want to practice some simple tricks. Once you’ve mastered the basics, our intermediate options allow you to progress a little further into some harder skills. If you’re ready to shred on what the pros use, our expert model lets you do advanced tricks and get some serious air.

It’s essential that you have the correct scooter size based on your current abilities as expert scooters can handle certain tricks and spills that beginner and even intermediate options can’t. It can also help prevent some serious injuries. Check out our pro scooter size chart to see what will be best for you!