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LUNAR™ 110mm Pro Scooter Wheel

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What are the best wheels for a pro scooter?

Pro Scooter wheels come in all sorts of different shapes, sizes and
compounds. We have found that a 110mm tall and 24mm wide wheel with a
urethane durometer of 86a is the best all round wheel for most riders.
Some taller riders may benefit from a 120mm wheel while really young
riders that are under 4’2'' might benefit from a 100mm wheel. The
urethane hardness is definitely something to pay attention to, 86a is an
industry standard and is what you will find on almost all completes on
the market. Any harder than this and you sacrifice traction and any
softer causes faster wear. Like with all Lucky products, our pro scooter
wheels come with a 180 warranty against manufacturer defects, this is
the best in the industry!

Which pro scooter wheels are best for beginners?

The best all-around pro scooter wheel for a beginner is going to be a
110mm wheel. This will give the rider enough ground clearance to keep
from scraping the deck base when cruising at the skatepark but also
provide a lightweight build over larger wheels. If the rider is under
4’2” we suggest the 100mm wheel. This will keep the proportion size of
the scooter the same as a taller rider on 110mm wheels. Wheel size is
also preference based, so what is right for one rider may not be right
for another. As a general rule of thumb stick with 110mm scooter wheels,
you can’t go wrong here! 

What size pro scooter wheels are best?

Pro Scooter wheels come in sizes from 100mm all the way up to 125mm. The
most common scooter wheel you will find is a 110mm version. This is
what the majority of complete scooters come with. In recent years 120mm
wheels have started to gain a lot of popularity due to the faster
rolling speed. While they are slightly heavier than the 110mm versions
the gain in speed outweighs the minimal weight addition. If you choose
to use 120mm, then you will need to make sure your brake and fork can
fit a 120mm wheel. We suggest that you start with a 110mm wheel and then
move up if you are finding that keeping speed is difficult. 100mm
wheels are really reserved for very young riders, usually under 4’2”
tall. A rider this young will benefit from the lighter weight wheels. As
the rider grows the scooter could be upgraded to 110mm wheels.

How long do pro scooter wheels last?

Wheels are a part on a pro scooter that receive the most amount of
stress, whether it’s from rough chunky ground or 3 hours trying to learn
a new trick. When treated with care and not used for long distance
skidding contests we see most wheels last around 6 months with average
riding conditions. If you're riding on rough surfaces such as on the
street these conditions can wear the wheels much faster than a smooth
skatepark. All Lucky Pro Scooter Wheels are backed by a 180 manufacturer
defect warranty protecting you from dehubbing issues caused by an
imperfection during the production of the pro scooter wheels.

Can you put 110mm wheels on a 100mm pro scooter?

Depending on the brake that the scooter comes with you can put 110mm
wheels on a 100mm scooter. For example the Crew Complete Scooter comes
with 110mm wheels but could also be used with 100mm wheels. Pairing a
smaller wheel with a brake that is designed for 110mm scooter wheels can
cause uneven wear on the wheel under braking, as well as putting more
flex into the brake that may cause it to fail prematurely. Most pro
scooters will take either 100mm or 110mm wheels as long as you have
paired it with a proper brake. If a scooter comes with 100mm wheels be
sure to check the dropout spacing as the 110mm wheel does have a larger
diameter and may not be compatible.