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AIRBar™ - Pro Scooter Bars

182 reviews
$ 84.95 USD
PROBAR™ Pro Scooter Bar

702 reviews
$ 64.95 USD
Lucky Bar Ends
$ 2.95 USD
SCS - Pro Scooter Clamp

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What size pro scooter bars are best for me?

The size of your pro scooter bars depends on how tall you are and what height feels most comfortable to you! We have a sizing chart linked on all of our pro scooter bar product pages so you can find what size fits your height. If you are between 4’5” and 5’ then you are going to want a height between 22” to 24” and a width between 19” and 23”.

What are the best pro scooter bars?

All of our pro scooter bars are built to last and made of the highest quality materials we could find so no matter which pair of our pro scooter bars you choose they will all be great! The best pro scooter bars are whichever ones feel the most comfortable to you and fits well with your height and riding style.

What pro scooter bars are best for my riding style?

There are two main types of riding styles for pro scooters: Park and Street. Each style has their own preferences when it comes to parts, especially for bars. Park riders will usually go for the lighter pair of pro scooter bars like our Ti Pro Scooter Bars. The bars being made out of titanium not only reduces weight but also increases strengthness! Street riders on the other hand, want something strong and heavy for the streets like our classic PROBAR pro scooter bars. Simple yet very well designed and built to last.