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Evan Yamada


Evan Yamada is one of the original sculptors that molded Lucky Scooters into the company that it is today. He fancies himself a ledge rider and technical wizard, but is willing to tackle nearly any obstacle. He is also known to throw himself down some of the biggest obstacles in the game, without struggle. The dude has a mean backside 360.  Evan is another one of those excessively clean riders with a style that is all his own. He manages to look completely natural when standing on his scooter and his athletic ability is very present in his riding. Lucky Scooters proudly celebrates Evan with his own signature bars.


Sponsors: Lucky Scooters, ADVCT, & Proscooter Shop

Deck: Evo

Bars: Evan Yamada signature Probars

Compression/clamp: Lucky SCS

Fork: Indy

Wheels: Ten's

Favorite park: Sammamish skate park & Lummi Rez skate park

Local park: Sammamish skate park

Riders who inspire you: Coedie Donovan, James Gee, Blake Bailor, Matt McKeen, Ralph Mcmoran, Cameron Poe, Ian Herncjar, & Isaac Miller


Instagram: @evanyamada

Facebook: Evan Yamada