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Scooter bars aren’t just a part of your ride; they're the central piece that connects you to your tricks, flips, and the road ahead. Enter the Titanium Pro Scooter Bars from Lucky Scooters—a game-changer for enthusiasts and professional riders alike, setting a new standard for performance and durability.

Why Titanium?

Titanium, a material synonymous with aerospace and advanced engineering, offers unmatched benefits in scooter construction. Its superior strength-to-weight ratio means you're getting bars that are not only incredibly durable but also astonishingly light, facilitating greater control and agility.

Design and Engineering

Lucky Scooters has infused cutting-edge design and engineering into their Titanium Bars. Each bar is meticulously crafted to balance weight, strength, and flexibility, ensuring they withstand the rigors of extreme scooter riding while aiding in the execution of precise tricks.

Product Range

Lucky's Titanium Pro Scooter Bars come in a variety of models, each designed to cater to different riding styles and preferences. From the sleek T-bars to the robust H-bars, every model is optimized for performance, showcasing features like reduced weight and enhanced grip areas.

Rider Experiences

Testimonials from the field underscore the transformative impact of these bars on riding experiences. Pro riders rave about the increased responsiveness and reduced fatigue, attributing their sharper performances and trick execution to the superior quality of Lucky's Titanium Bars.

Installation and Maintenance

Fitting your scooter with these titanium bars is straightforward, thanks to their compatibility with various setups. Maintenance is minimal, a testament to the material's corrosion resistance—just a regular check and occasional cleaning keep them in top form.

Comparison with Other Materials

When compared to aluminum or steel, titanium stands out for its exceptional durability and lightweight. These characteristics translate into a smoother ride with enhanced maneuverability, making titanium the preferred choice for riders pushing the boundaries of the sport.

Customization Options

Lucky Scooters understands the desire for personalization, offering customization options for their Titanium Bars. From color anodizing to laser etching, riders can make their bars uniquely theirs, a reflection of their style and personality.

Purchasing Guide

Before investing in Titanium Pro Scooter Bars, consider your riding style and the compatibility with your scooter setup. Lucky Scooters offers comprehensive guidance and a wide selection, ensuring you find the perfect match for your ride.

The Future of Scooter Bars

The innovation doesn't stop here. Lucky Scooters continues to pioneer advancements in materials and design, promising an exciting future for scooter technology and the riders who push its limits.


Choosing Titanium Pro Scooter Bars from Lucky Scooters means elevating your ride to a level where performance, durability, and style converge. Whether you're flipping through the air or cruising the streets, these bars offer the ultimate upgrade, a testament to the relentless pursuit of perfection in scootering.