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James Gellatly, a name that’s making waves in the world of pro scooter riding. At just 16 years old, this young talent hails from Northampton, U.K., and he’s already leaving his mark on the scooter scene. Let’s dive into the story of James, his achievements, and what makes him a standout rider.

Riding Style

You’ll find James cruising the city streets with ease, effortlessly gliding through obstacles. But don’t be fooled by his laid-back demeanor – when he hits the skate park, he throws down flashy tricks with the best of them. His style is a perfect blend of smooth flow and technical prowess.

The Lucky Connection

James Gellatly’s journey is intertwined with Lucky Scooters. He rides Lucky gear with pride, and it’s no surprise why. Lucky’s commitment to quality and performance aligns perfectly with James’s vision. Whether he’s testing out new parts or pushing the limits, Lucky Scooters is his go-to brand.

Jr. World Champion

James Gellatly isn’t just any rider; he’s a Jr. World Champion. His dedication and hard work have paid off, and he’s earned his spot among the best. But he’s not stopping there – James continues to push boundaries and inspire riders worldwide.

Connect with James

Want to see James in action? Follow him on social media:

  • Instagram: @jamesgellatly
  • TikTok: @jamesgellatlyy
  • YouTube: James Gellatly


Signature Parts

Lucky has also just released James' first signature pro scooter wheel! Make sure to check it out online here!


James Gellatly is more than a rider; he’s a force to be reckoned with. Keep an eye out for this rising star as he continues to make his mark in the scooter world. And remember, it’s not just about the tricks – it’s the passion and dedication that set riders like James apart.