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James Gee


When it comes to the name James Gee, the only term to use is pioneer. He has been with Lucky Scooters since the garage era, in 2009. He has revolutionized the sport over the years with his contributions to innovation both on and off the scoot. James can be found cruising city streets, as well as throwing down those flashy tricks in the skate park with the best of them. All of this, of course, is done with James' signature cleanliness and style. He is best known for his ability to ride a technical obstacle, but can also apply his skills to nearly anything. James Gee is proudly celebrated by Lucky Scooters with his own Lucky Clover signature deck.


Age: 23

Sponsors: Lucky Scooters & ADVCT

Deck: James Gee signature Evo

Bars: Probars

Compression/clamp: Lucky SCS

Fork: Indy

Wheels: Ten's

Favorite food: Pizza

How long have you been riding: 10 years

Favorite thing to do when you aren't riding: Hang out with my girlfriend, go on hikes, play soccer, & chill with the homies

Favorite park: Rox Hill Skate Park

Local park: Sammamish skate park

Riders who inspire you: Evan Yamada, & Blake Bailor


Instagram: @james.gee

Facebook: James Gee