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Lucky Water Bottle & Sticker Pack

$ 7.46 USD $ 9.95

Lucky Water Bottle & Sticker Pack:  12oz bottle with 2 Lucky Wrist Bands, one inside, and the other outside to keep it from slipping on those hot days. (outer band is removable) and an assortment of 15 Lucky Scooter top selling stickers. 

This bottle is designed to fit both bicycle holders and car cup holders. The spill proof top makes it a great choice for your backpack, as proper hydration is essential for good health. The water bottle includes a wide screw top to allow full sized ice cubes to be used.

 Please hand wash only; not dishwasher safe as the heat can deform the plastic. Studies have shown that "no" plastic items should be cleaned in the dishwasher as strong detergents and high heat will degrade the plastic.

Dims:  10.3" T x 2.95" W 

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