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At Lucky we take take design seriously, so we’ve built some seriously stylish forks. The Lucky INDY, SMX LS, and the Lucky Vektor scooter forks are cold forged and CNC machined to our specification to make them extremely strong. Riders around the world choose our scooter forks for their strength, durability, and feel. Lucky forks offer a smooth ride at high speed and they can absorb the impact of an El Toro stair huck.
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    • HELUX™ Pro Scooter Fork new lucky item
    • HELUX™ Pro Scooter Fork
      $ 89.95
    • INDY™ Pro Scooter Fork new lucky item
    • INDY™ Pro Scooter Fork
      $ 89.99
    • SMX™ Pro Scooter Fork
    • SMX™ Pro Scooter Fork
      $ 84.99
    • VEKTOR™ Pro Scooter Fork
    • VEKTOR™ Pro Scooter Fork
      $ 79.99
    • LS Scooter Fork - Red Sale Off
    • LS Pro Scooter Fork
      $ 49.97 $ 69.95
    • Gift Card
    • Gift Card
      $ 25.00
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