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Below you will find a selection of factory blemished and used Lucky Certified Complete Pro Scooters.  Each one of our certified used complete scooters goes through an extensive inspection process to ensure that all scooters are safe and perform like new. Although there may be signs of minor to moderate use it will not, in any way, impact performance.

Although our cleaning and sale preparation process is extremely detailed, THESE ARE NOT NEW Lucky Complete Scooters, and they will show signs of use and cosmetic imperfections. Signs of use and imperfections will not impact performance.

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Image of JonMarco Gaydos
Image of JonMarco Gaydos
Image of JonMarco Gaydos
Lucky Rider Stories

JonMarco Gaydos "The Beast from the East"

JonMarco Gaydos remarkable consistency, along with his uncanny ability to perform just about any technical combination scooter trick that his heart desires makes him a lethal weapon and has led him to the path of becoming the 2019 ISA world champion. But, it is his unbelievable flipping skills in the air that allow him to stand out from the crowd. His absolutely insane 360 front flips are on a whole different dimension in the industry. JonMarco Gaydos is on a direct path to making freestyle scooter history and every scooter enthusiast wants to be a part of it. He is making some major waves in the sport and has already become a world champion at a very young age. His insane talent, work ethic and dedication will only make JMG's riding evolve to levels we can only be sure to keep your eye on JMG and his exclusive Lucky signature parts and see what the future holds for the prodigious "Beast from the East!" Click here to check out what parts JonMarco rides.

Image of JonMarco Gaydos
Image of JonMarco Gaydos

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