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What is Pro Scooter Grip Tape?

Grip tape is an essential part of a pro scooter. It is a sandpaper like sticker that gives your feet grip on the pro scooter deck. Grip tape can
ether be purchased in a large sheet that you can cut yourself, or you can purchase pre-cut pieces for your specific deck. All Lucky Pro
Scooter Grip tape is pre-cut and ready to be slapped on any one of our
pro scooter decks!

What is the Best Pro Scooter Grip Tape?

Pro Scooter Grip Tape is another part of the pro scooter that is up to
personal preference when it comes to what is the best. It is also one of
the few parts of the scooter where you can get really creative and
expressive with its designs. Lucky Pro Scooter Grip Tape has a variety
of original and creative designs to give your scooter some more style.