Affordable yet durable, the stylish CREW™ is the pro scooter of choice for the rider that is just getting started or that are working on nailing down the basic set of tricks. Don't let the price fool you, same Lucky quality and design and is compatible with all Lucky aftermarket parts.

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Image of Cody Flom
Image of Cody Flom
Image of Cody Flom
Lucky Rider Stories

Cody Flom

Cody Flom has been making his way through the competition scene for 6+ years to reach the pinnacle of the sport. Cody is a force to be recokned with his bag of scooter tricks and his sick style on and off the park. He puts the work in and is constantly progressing, learning new tricks and bringing his game to a new level. Cody bring his insane skills, dedication to the sport, his magnetic personality, and the best attitude in the business. Cody is the most loved pro rider in the industry just ask anyone in the industry Cody has a bright future ahead indeed and Lucky will be supporting him for decades more. Cody's signature deck and wheels are top sellers around the world. Click here to check out what parts Cody Flom rides.

Image of Cody Flom
Image of Cody Flom

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