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One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is "What size scooter should we get". 

Lucky offers a wide range of complete scooters and custom completes suited for any style of riding and any skill level. The two most important factors to consider when buying a pro scooter is deck size and bar length. We have an in depth sizing chart to help make your decision easier see this below. There is no right or wrong answer here. Every rider has a different riding style and riding skill level that will dictate what size scooter is best for them. Some "park" focused riders benefit from a small scooter making overhead tricks easier, while some "street" riders like the leverage you get from a larger scooter. This generally makes manuals and grinds easier.

In the Lucky Complete Scooter line up we have a wide range of sizes to help get you as close as possible to the perfect fit. Sometimes it does take a bit of custom work such as cutting the bars to the exact height but overall our complete scooters will get you very close to the perfect fit. 




The Recruit Complete Scooter is aimed at first time riders looking to step up from the traditional folding scooter. This is the perfect first complete pro scooter for your young shredder. Built with the same quality as all other Lucky Complete Scooters but in a compact size. 


The Crew Complete Scooter is a perfect upgrade from the Recruit as your rider grows and needs a larger deck. The Crew can either be your first scooter or an upgrade from your current rider. WIth Aluminum Bars and 110mm wheels the Crew has a great balance of size, weight and part compatibility allowing you to upgrade over time. This complete scooter is ready to hit the park right out of the box! 

Lucky sizing chart - Crew  

The Prospect Complete Scooter is our most popular model in the line up. Proven to be ready to take on any ISA competition or weekend long park sessions, the Prospect can do it all. Out of the box you get a dialed scooter that can be easily ridden by a beginner or even the most advanced riders. This is the best bang for your buck! 

Lucky sizing chart - Prospect


The Covenant Complete Scooter is the top of the line model that takes not sacrifice in parts and design. This scooter is STRONG! With Aluminum bars it is also no heavy weight, the deck is a little bigger than the Prospect making this perfect for advanced riders. It is light enough for even beginner riders to build on their trick lists as well. Keep in mind the bars on the Covenant Complete are the tallest in our line up, if you want this scooter but feel the bars are to tall getting them cut down at your local scooter shop is no more than a 5 minute job! 



We hope this helped clarify what size scooter is best for you! Keep in mind there is no right or wrong answer here all scooter bars can be cut down to a custom size that will work best for your riding!