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One of the most frequently asked questions by parents and young riders is “what height and width scooter bars should I buy for my child?”. Honestly there is no easy answer to this question. Unfortunately, that is not what most parents want to hear. Different models of pro scooters come with their own size bars. For example, Lucky offers a wide range of sizes on their different scooters and you can even order custom height/width scooter bars if none of the standard sizes work for you. That said, I think most people are looking for a general scooter size guide to help them decide what bar size to start with. Check it out below.
Bar size is 100% preference and choice. The following are just our suggestions. For a quick answer check out our scooter sizing chart below! 
lucky sizing chart full
Alright let's start off with width. For bar width the best way to measure what would be right for you would be to measure your shoulder width. Say the riders shoulder width is about 20 inches, a 21” - 22" wide bar would work great as you do not want them to be too much wider than shoulder width. It’s OK to order bars that are a little wider than your shoulder width. Industry rule #2:  Bars that are too wide can be cut and narrowed, bars that are too narrow can not be modified to make wider.      
Suggested Bar Width:
  • Riders 3'6" - 4' 6" suggested width = 18' - 20"

  • Riders 4'3" - 5'1" suggested width = 19" - 22"

  • Riders 4'6" - 5'5" suggested width = 19" - 23”

  • Riders over 5' suggested width  =  22” or wider

Alright now lets move on to height. Just like we used shoulder width to measure the correct bar width, we are going to use waist height to measure scooter bar height. You want your bars to sit just below your waist while standing on your scooter, so measure from the top of the headset or base of the clamp to your waist. That measurement will give you a great estimated scooter bar height, again it is always best to order slightly taller if you are unsure as a Pro Scooter Shop can easily cut them to your desired height. When you stand on your deck your bars will end up sitting just under your waist. Like I said earlier bar size is 100% preference. Some riders like taller bars for comfort and some like smaller because it's easier to do tricks, like bri-flips. It's all up to the rider and what they want, although no one wants bars that sit right below their chest or bars that sit by their knees.
Suggested Bar Height:
  • Riders  3'6" - 4' 6" suggested height = 18" - 20"

  • Riders  4'3" - 5'1" suggested height  = 20" - 23"

  • Riders  4'6" - 5'5" suggested height =  22" - 24"

Riders over 5' suggested height =   24" or taller
Q: What are the advantages to smaller bars? 
A: Advantages to smaller bars include; easier ability to do over head scooter tricks such as a bri-flip or scooter flip, less total scooter weight, easier to fit in car.
Q: What are the advantages to taller/wider bars?
A: Advantages to taller bars include; More stability, and more comfort. Taller scooter bars also make grinds and manuals easier to control due to the more leverage you have from the added scooter bar height. 
Detailed Scooter Size Chart and Guide 
Lucky sizing chart - Recruit
Lucky sizing chart - Crew
Lucky sizing chart - Prospect
Lucky sizing chart - Covenant
Lucky sizing chart - Signature
Final thoughts - so what bar dimensions should I order?  
In the end it all comes down to you and what you like to do most. If you just flow around and don’t do too many tricks, taller bars might be better for you. If you love to do “park” style tricks like bri-flips, finger whips, etc, then smaller bars might be better for you. Please keep in mind bar size is 100% preference and custom bars are not returnable. If you have friends with scooters I would highly recommend riding theirs, this will help you determine the exact bar height and width that you prefer.
So, when you decide it's time to get some new Lucky bars, or purchase a new Lucky custom complete, I hope the information above helps you decide what bar width and height you will need to buy!