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Unleash Your Riding Skills with Lucky Obsidian Ti Kink and T-Bar Pro Scooter Bars!

Are you ready to elevate your scooter game? We just dropped our latest innovation: the Lucky OBSIDIAN Ti T-Bar and Kink Bars! These bars are designed for riders who demand the best in performance, strength, and style. Let’s dive into the details of these cutting-edge bars:

Titanium & Chromium Powerhouse

The Lucky OBSIDIAN Ti Pro Scooter Bars are engineered with an advanced Chromium finish and a unique heat treat process, making them 30% stiffer than previous titanium bars. Giving you the confidence to push your limits!

Strength and Stiffness

These bars set the new standard for strength and stiffness. Whether you’re hitting the skatepark, pulling off insane tricks, or just cruising around, the Obsidian Ti Pro Scooter Bars won’t let you down. 

Lightweight and Responsive

Nobody wants clunky, heavy bars weighing them down. We know this, which is why the OBSIDIAN Ti Bars are super lightweight. You’ll feel the difference as you effortlessly ride around. Plus, the responsive feel ensures precise control during every ride.

Customizable Size

The Obsidian Ti Pro Scooter Bars come in a standard size of 26 inches in height and 24 inches in width. But, like all our other bars, you can get these bars cut to your preferred dimensions. Need them a bit shorter or wider? No problem! Just let us know, and we will make it happen.

Sleek Black Chrome Finish

The black chrome finish gives these bars a sleek and stealthy look. Whether you’re a pro rider or just starting out, the OBSIDIAN Ti Pro Scooter Bars will turn heads at the skatepark. Titanium plus the TIG welds, ensure durability and reliability.

Get Lucky!

Ready to take your scooter game to the next level? The Lucky OBSIDIAN Ti Pro Scooter Bars™ are designed in the USA with performance in mind. Get yours today and experience the ultimate upgrade. Ride stronger, ride lighter—ride Lucky!

Check out the Lucky Obsidian Ti Bars here! 🛴🔥