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Please use the form below to contact us. We're stoked to hear from our fans, even if its to fix a problem. We strive to provide great customer service and we will do our best to respond to your inquiry within 24 to 48 hours Monday through Friday, not including weekends. The faster we take care of you, the faster we can get back our riding and making new products! For warranty claims it will only apply to the original purchaser. We will ask for proof of purchase and an image of the product in question.

You can talk to to us by calling 1-(866) 294-8669 Monday through Friday 9AM to 5:00PM Pacific Time (900 to 1700 PST).

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Warranty Information:

Parts and Completes: Lucky, for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase (receipt required), will at manufacturer’s option, repair or replace at no charge any Lucky product currently in production which breaks or is defective in materials or workmanship purchased direct from us or an authorized dealer. Damage due to misuse, abuse or modification is excluded. It does not cover abuse, bending or breaking from throwing your scooter, banging the same part of your scooter over and over again on the same spot while you are learning a new trick or getting it run over by a car.

If you are a dealer inquiring about a warranty please contact your Lucky distributor.

Wheels: Due to the wear and tear that wheels receive, flat spots on wheels are not covered under warranty.

The warranty will only apply to the original purchaser with proof of purchase. We will not warranty or replace any used part purchased not from us or an authorized dealer(Ex. Ebay or Craigslist) simply because we don’t know where it’s been and how long it has been purchased for.

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Returns and Exchanges:

  • All sales of custom-assembled or custom items (such as custom scooters, or custom cutting of bars to a specific size), gift cards are final. They cannot be refunded or exchanged. This includes and is not limited to the following; custom cutting bars for sizing and/or SCS use, parts that require us to assemble them for you such as a custom complete scooter. 
  • Only non-custom made unused items in brand new condition may be returned for refund or exchanged within 14 days of purchase. There can be a 10% restocking fee when returning an eligible item. Shipping and handling fees are non-refundable unless customer service has authorized an exception. Please email or fill out the form above for exchanges or returns so you can receive an RMA Number and shipping instructions. No RMA number, no refunds. If you would like to contact us for warranty purposes, please check here!

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