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How to Take Care of Pro Scooter Bearings

How to Take Care of Pro Scooter Bearings

Pro Scooter Bearings are one of the essential parts of a Pro Scooter. Learn more on how to take care of your bearings for optimal performance!
Lucky CREW Complete Pro Scooter

Lucky CREW Complete Pro Scooter

The Lucky CREW™ is an excellent choice for beginner to intermediate riders who enjoy park riding. Its combination of durability, lightweight design, and compatibility with all Lucky parts makes it a great value for your money. Whether you’re hitting the skatepark or mastering new tricks, the CREW™ has you covered!
Build Your Own Custom Scooter

Build Your Own Custom Scooter

Create your ultimate complete with Lucky's Custom Scooter Builder. Mix and match Lucky parts for a personalized scooter that stands out from the crowd. Unleash your creativity and leave others in awe (and maybe a bit jealous).
Vega Pro Scooter Wheel Lucky Scooter Parts


Lucky Lunar™ 110mm Pro Scooter Wheel: A Perfect Blend of Performance and Style If you’re a passionate scooter rider, you know that the right wheels can make all the difference...
Obsidian Titanium Pro Scooter Bars

OBSIDIAN Titanium Pro Scooter Bars

Unleash Your Riding Skills with Lucky Obsidian Ti Kink and T-Bar Pro Scooter Bars! Are you ready to elevate your scooter game? We just dropped our latest innovation: the Lucky...
Paradigm Titanium Pro Scooter Bars Lucky Scooters

Paradigm Ti Pro Scooter Bars

If you’re a passionate scooter rider, you know that having the right bars can make all the difference in your performance. We have just released our latest innovation: the Lucky Paradigm...
James Gellatly Signature Pro Scooter Wheel Lucky Scooters

James Gellatly: The Rising Star of Scooter Riding

Introduction James Gellatly, a name that’s making waves in the world of pro scooter riding. At just 16 years old, this young talent hails from Northampton, U.K., and he’s already...
Titanium Pro Scooter Bars

Titanium Pro Scooter Bars

Scooter bars aren’t just a part of your ride; they're the central piece that connects you to your tricks, flips, and the road ahead. Enter the Titanium Pro Scooter Bars...
How to Cut Pro Scooter Bars Lucky Scooters

How to Cut Your Scooter Bars

Cutting your scooter bars can be both dangerous and hard. You don't want to cut them too much or your bars will be way to small. There are a few...
Lucky Scooters Prospect Pro Scooter

Lucky Prospect Complete Pro Scooter

Another one of Lucky Scooters products that has been proven year after years is the beloved Lucky Prospect complete pro scooter. Returning in 2019 with some much needed upgrades. These...
110mm vs 100mm Pro Scooter Wheels

110mm VS 100mm Pro Scooter Wheels

The two most common sized pro scooter wheels in the industry are without a doubt 110mm and 100mm. We have seen a few companies start to make 125mm wheels but they haven't...
Pro Scooter Size Guide

Pro Scooter Size Guide

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is "What size scooter should we get".  Lucky offers a wide range of complete scooters and custom completes suited for any...