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How to Change and Take Care of Pro Scooter Bearings

Pro Scooter Bearings are one of the essential parts of a Pro Scooter. Here are some tips on how to make sure your bearings stay in good condition and how to change out your bearings.

Some standard tips for preventing your bearings from going bad:

  • Avoid rain/wet riding conditions as this can cause your bearings to rust
  • Check your bearings often for dirt/debris
  • Avoid sand/dirt as it will get stuck inside your bearings
  • Take your wheels off and brush off any dust/debris that's built up

If your bearings are not performing optimally after cleaning them or they have rusted, it's best to swap them out with a fresh set!

How to Change your Pro Scooter Bearings 

Here is a good video that will show you how to change out your pro scooter bearings: