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The 2014 Lucky Crew complete was designed to put a pro scooter in the hands of the rising generation of rippers.

The Crew comes loaded with upgraded premium components, including an integrated headset and stylish LS fork. The slightly smaller Crew deck, ProBar, and 100mm Charm wheels give the Crew Scooter a light feel and a balanced ride without sacrificing strength or performance.

The 2014 Crew is the perfect scooter for young or smaller riders that want all the capabilities of a high-end pro scooter but prefer a shorter, narrower, and lightweight scooter deck.

The Lucky Crew Complete Pro Scooter come in following color combination - White/Black, Purple/Black and Blue/Black, and the following specs:

Lucky Crew Pro Scooter Specs:

  • Weight: 7.25 lbs (3.28kg) 
  • Deck: Crew 19.5” x 4” (49.53cm x 10.16cm) | 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Bars: ProBars 21” x 19” (53.34cm x 48.26cm) | 4130 Chromoly Tig Welded
  • Fork: LS | 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Clamp: Double Clamp (HIC Compression) | 7003 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Brake: Steely Brake | Spring Steel
  • Headset: FSA Orbit CE Integrated
  • Grips: No Nubbins
  • Wheels: Charm 100mm with LuckySpeed 5 Bearings | 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum

Lucky Pro Scooter Comparison Chart:

Lucky Scooter Comparison Chart

FAQ & Upgrades:

Upgrade Path:
We recommend an upgrade to the the Lucky Atom Wheels or Lucky Ten Wheels for better performance and feel, and the Lucky SMX fork because it is our globally recognized fork design!  Some riders check out our various Lucky clamps and grips to help personalize the look of your scoot!

Q: How heavy is the Crew scooter?
A: The Crew complete weighs in at 7.25lbs, which is the lightest scooter that we build! The extremely lightweight feel of the Lucky Crew scooter is perfect for any beginner to mid level rider, but is also ridden by our best pros that are weight freaks. 

Q: Why is the Crew scooter the cheapest Lucky scooter?
A: The Crew scooter is our most inexpensive because of the simple design and basic components that make up the Crew. It is still just as dialed as any of our other Lucky Scooters and offers the same great feel when being ridden!

Q: How long will the Crew scooter last me?
A: The Crew complete scooter is designed with simplicity and reliability in mind. Similar to our higher end scooters, the Lucky Crew has been built to stand the test of time! It can hang with the best of them in any high impact situation you may find yourself in

Installation & Maintenance:

  • Weekly wheel rotation for urethane preservation
  • Weekly bearing cleaning and lubricating for maximum bearing potential
  • Daily tightening of axle, compression and brake bolts as needed
  • Monthly replacement of Crew deck grip tape as needed
  • Weekly cleaning and lubricating of headset bearings for premium performance


Lucky Crew Complete Pro Scooter Tech:

  Lucky Crew Complete Technology

 As you can see the Lucky Crew Complete Pro Scooters comes loaded with many premium components. This gives you a balanced ride without sacrificing strength or performance.

| 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum| 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum | 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum

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