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The 2014 Lucky Atom 110mm scooter wheel features Lucky Rebound Technology™ (LRT™), a combination of high-performance urethane, a new pouring process, and a proprietary curing method which gives these wheels a grippy, fast, and buttery roll.

Atom wheels have a 86A durometer rating, has been tested extensively to prevent chunking or dehubbing, and ridden hard by Lucky Pro team riders before being made broadly available to the scootering community. Now in its third generation, the Lucky Atom is proven on the street and at the park by the world’s best riders.

Each Atom wheel comes with high-quality LuckySpeed bearings pre-installed. The Atom scooter wheel is available in the following color combinations: Green/Black, Blue/Black, Black/Black, Gunmetal/White, Blue/White, Black/White, Copper/White, Purple/White, Green/White and The Kota Signature

Ridden by Lucky Scooters team riders- Dakota Schuetz, Capron Funk, Bayley Maxcy and Sammy Williamson.

FAQ & Upgrades:

Q: How good are the Lucky Atom wheels?
A: The Lucky Atom wheels are heavy-duty, high-precision, high-performance freestyle scooter wheels. THey are super grippy, tough and but still very light weight.

Q: How slippery are the Lucky Atom wheels?
A: The Lucky Atom wheels have been designed and tested to grip the ground better then most other scooter wheels on the market, no matter what terrain you take them to. You can rely on Lucky Atom wheels when attempting to land any of your freestyle scooter tricks!

Q: How long will the Lucky Atom wheels last me?
A: The Lucky Atom wheels are heavy-duty wheels, designed for high performance and built to withstand high-impact situations. You can put these wheels through the same daily abuse that you would any other scooter wheel on the market and they would out perform them any day!


Installation & Maintenance:

  • Weekly wheel rotation for urethane preservation
  • Weekly bearing cleaning and lubricating for maximum bearing potential
  • Inspect wheels weekly for potential breakage

Lucky Atom Scooter Wheel Tech:

Lucky Ten Wheel Technology
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