CLOVER Pro Scooter Deck (2014)

CLOVER Pro Scooter Deck (2014) – $ 109.97

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The Lucky Clover Scooter Deck is our masterpiece in scooter innovation! Lucky Scooters top pro riders, James Gee, Blake Bailor and Lil Jon Aglialoro have helped design and test the Lucky Clover deck to ensure the highest quality and performance in scooter deck design. This deck offers all of the specifications you need including; concave top, flat sides, flat bottom, and a flushed out head tube.All of this contributes to one awesome feeling under your feet!

The Lucky Clover Deck comes in: Gunmetal and Black powder coated. Deck includes a brake(installed), axle, and spacer. The griptape and headset sold separately

Ridden by Lucky Scooters top Pro Riders, Blake Bailor, James Gee and Evan Yamada

“It’s the perfect scooter deck design!”
    -James Gee

  • Dimensions 20.5” x 4.25” (52.07cm x 10.8cm)
  • Concave 4º
  • Head tube Angle 82.5º
  • Weight 2.8 lbs. (1.28kg)
  • Headset Integrated, sold separately
  • Steely brake included & installed
  • Axle and Spacers included

Lucky Clover Deck Technology



Upgrade Path:
We recommend the Lucky Integrated headset with your Clover deck to ensure a smooth spinning feel for tail whips and bar spins, as well as, Lucky pro scooter grip tape to land your tricks cleanly and flawlessly.

Q: Will the Lucky Clover deck break?
A: The Lucky Clover deck was designed and tested to withstand the abuse of daily riding, as well as, the impact of any huge tricks you may attempt. Our top pro team riders have put the Lucky Clover deck through a lot of high impact situations to ensure durability and reliability.

Q: How heavy is the Lucky Clover deck?
A: The Lucky Clover deck weighs in at 2.8 lbs. (1.28kg), which is one of the lighter scooter decks on the market today! The Lucky Clover is also well balanced, in order to ensure a lightweight feel when being ridden yet strong enough for the most experience pros. 

Q: Is the Lucky Clover deck good for grinds?
A: The Lucky Clover deck was initially designed with grind tricks in mind. The Clover has a flat-sided, Flat-bottomed deck shape, in order to ensure maximum grinding capabilities.

  • Daily tightening of axle and brake bolts as needed
  • Monthly replacement of Clover deck grip tape as needed
  • Weekly cleaning and lubricating of headset bearings for premium performance


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