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The Lucky SCS Scooter Clamp is our most recommended clamp and compression system for your personal Lucky set-up! If you want to dial in your ride to its maximum potential then the Lucky SCS is the clamp for you. Designed to provide and support a direct connection between your bars and your fork, the Lucky SCS Clamp provides you with the stability you need to perform any high risk, high impact freestyle scooter tricks! The Lucky SCS Clamp also allows you to fine tune the speed at which your headset rotates. If you want to have the most dialed scooter in the neighborhood, the Lucky SCS Clamp is the clamp for you!

The Lucky SCS Clamp is available in Black, Blue, Gunmetal, Purple, Raw and White and comes with 4 new bolts, a washer and compression bolt.


FAQ & Upgrades:

Q: How do I tighten my Lucky SCS Clamp?
A: After tuning your SCS compression to your personal preferences, you start tightening every other bolt from top to bottom in rotation until all Lucky SCS Clamp bolts are fully torqued and your SCS is dialed!

Q: How do I make HIC bars compatible with my Lucky SCS Clamp?
A: In order to make your HIC bars compatible with your Lucky SCS Clamp, you need to do one of two things! You either need to cut off the slit of your HIC bars or use a shim in your SCS with your HIC bars. This allows your HIC bars to be run with your Lucky SCS Clamp.

Q: How long will my Lucky SCS Clamp last me?
A: Every freestyle scooter part can break eventually, but the Lucky SCS Clamp, if treated properly, is designed to last you through out your entire scootering career! It’s simple design and basic functionality allows it to stand the test of time!


Installation & Maintenance:

  • Daily tightening of clamp and compression bolts as needed

Lucky SCS Clamp Scooter Tech:

Lucky Double Clamp Scooter Technology

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