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Most kids bring a bag of some sort along with their pro scooters whenever they go to the skatepark. If you don't do this already, you should definitely consider it. Coming from years of my mom dropping me off at the park every day I know what I need to bring with me inside my backpack. So, I decided to do a little write up on what I think should go in your backpack when you get dropped off at the skatepark.


1 - A backpack -
First you got to have a backpack to put your necessities in. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. It could be a two string backpack or a nice heavy duty backpack. Lucky cinch park sack is another good option.  You just need something that will hold your things so you dont lose or misplace them.

2 - A snack - 
You should try and bring a snack every time you go to the park. I know that if i'm riding hard I get hungry quick. Throwing a granola bar in your bag before you leave the house can be a life saver later that day.

3 - A cellphone -
If you don't have one of these thats fine; however most kids do and its good to have one incase of emergencies. Hopefully the skatepark that you go to isn't too sketchy and your bag won't get stolen. Just put your bag in the safest place you can find.

4 - A helmet - 
I’m not your mom so I don't really care if you wear one or not but its a smart idea.

5 - An allen wrench -
You don’t want to be that kid who's always asking others for tools to tighten your scooter. Bring an allen wrench when you go to the skatepark. Whether it be a 5mm or a 6mm bring it. You can buy allen wrench sets at most hardware stores or from Lucky that have every size allen you could need. If you don't have one I recommend you pick one up.

6 - Any spare parts -
Bring any spare parts you might need if you think somthing on your scooter is going to brake.

7 - Wax -
You will be the hero of the park if you bring wax with you. Alot of times after it rains, coping becomes very sticky and wax is a must.

8 - Money - 
If the skatepark you are at is close to places to eat, money is not a bad thing to keep in your bag. Once again just make sure you try and put your bag somewhere safe.


To finish-

If you keep all these things in your bag at all time, you will be much more organized and less dependent on people to ride.