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Cutting your scooter bars can be both dangerous and hard. You don't want to cut them too much or your bars will be way to small. There are a few things you're going to need if you're going to try and cut your scooter bars. I'll list those things below along with the procedure of how to do it. 

(Parental supervision is HIGHLY recommended to cut your bars. The tools used are very sharp and Lucky takes no responsibility if you get hurt. Please be safe and have a parent help you.) 

- Hacksaw (This is a very sharp tool and you should be very careful when using it) 

- Drill (only if you're making a slit) 

- File (the kind that files down metal, not a nail file LOL) 

- Preferably a vice clamp but not required (helps to hold the bars in place when you cut them) 

- Marker/Sharpie 

- Tape Measure

- Workspace

Alright, after you have all of the following things you are ready to start the procedure. Make sure you really want to cut your bars because you can always go down a little more but you can never go up in size. 

The first thing you're going to want to do is measure the bars. Take your tape measure and measure both the width and height of the bars. Decide where you're going to cut the bars then take your sharpie and mark where you will cut them. Once you have your bars marked and you're positive of where you want to cut them you are ready to begin. (Remember if you're going to cut the width, take the same amount off each side. You don't want to have a pair of bars where one side is longer or shorter than the other.) 

I would suggest cutting the width first as that is just normally what I do, although it doesn't matter what you cut first. This is where the vice clamp comes in handy. You can clamp the bars into the vice which allows them to stay still when you cut them. If you don't have a vice clamp you can just lay them on the ground and begin to hacksaw them. You might need someone's help for this as the bars are going to move around if you don't have someone holding them down. Once you get the width cut on both sides you are ready to move on to the height. Depending on if you ride SCS or HIC you may need to also cut a slit. Below I'm going to break down cutting the height for both SCS and HIC. 


If you're cutting your bars for SCS you need to make sure you cut them 1.5 - 2 inches (depends on what SCS you have) under the desired height because SCS raises the height of your bars. Lets say you want your bars to be 22 inches tall. You need to cut them to 20 - 20.5 inches tall because SCS will raise them, making them 22 inches tall. Once you have them viced down or held down, you can begin to cut them. 


Cutting your bars (height wise) for HIC is a little bit different than cutting your bars for SCS. When you cut your bars for HIC you will need to also cut a slit. A slit is needed because without it the bars cannot compress and stay tight. The first thing you're going to want to do is just cut the height you want your bars to be. HIC won't raise the height of your bars, so cut them however tall you want them. Once you have them cut you're ready to cut the slit. The slit should be fairly small. What you're going to want to do first is drill a hold in your bars about two inches up from the bottom. The hole should be at the back of the bars and it should not go through the front. (I will attach a photo that shows what this should look like.) It should also not be a very big hole. Once you have the hole drilled out you're ready to cut the slit. Take your hacksaw and cut from the bottom of the bar up until you reach the drill hole. Once you have that your bars should be radeable and ready to go. 

The last thing you're going to need to do is file down the bars. This allows for them to fit much better in SCS or HIC and allows for bar ends to fit better and more smoothly in your bars. You don't need to file them a lot just enough where you get the rough parts out and you make the bar even and not all sharp. Once you have done that to both the ends of the bars and the height, you are done. 

I hope this helped make your bar cutting process easier. Remember to always have a parent supervise you and help when you cut your bars! 

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