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Enduro ABEC 5 Scooter Bearings (W/Spacers)

Enduro ABEC 5 Scooter Bearings (W/Spacers) – $ 8.95

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Enduro ABEC 5 Pro Scooter bearings are some of the best to be found and these come with wheel spacers already attached so no more sideways spacers when installing your bearings!

Long gone are the days of messing around trying to align the spacer and the bearings, these just snap together and you're ready to install the axle. Made from Grade 5 Chromium Steel balls which are 5/1,000,000" from being perfectly round. High carbon Chromium alloy races are hardened to R62. Nylon with graphite retainers are virtually frictionless while providing constant lubrication. Sets of 4

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