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The Lucky Clover Complete scooter was designed and tested by Lucky’s pro riders to ensure durability, proper design for all of your individual freestyle desires, and, of course, top quality! 

The Clover is equipped with top-of-the line components, including VooDoo back sweep bars, SCS clamp, SMX fork, 110mm Ten wheels, and the beautiful Clover deck!

You’ll also dig the subtle features of this complete: concave deck for more grip, flat sides for pain-free finger whips, a premium headset for dialed steering, high-tensile steel bolts and axles to handle hard hits, and high-grade bearings for a buttery roll.

“The Clover feels like a dream under your feet, with flat sides, concave and a flushed out head tube for all of your grinding needs.”
        -James Gee

The Lucky Clover Complete Pro Scooters come in two colors (Black/Black, Gunmetal/Black), fully assembled (all you have to do is attach the bar).

  • Weight: 8.5lbs (3.85kg)
  • Deck: Clover 20.5” x 4.25” (52.07cm x 10.8cm)
  • Bars: VooDoo Bar 21”H x 22”W (58.42cm x 55.88cm)
    • With SCS compression the overall height will be 23"
  • Fork: SMX
  • Clamp: SCS (SCS Compression)
  • Brake: Steely Brake
  • Headset: FSA Orbit C Integrated
  • Grips: No Nubbins
  • Wheels: Tens 110mm with LuckySpeed 9 Bearings
  • Grip Tape: Gripper Tape

Lucky Rider Manual Download
Download your PDF copy of the Lucky Rider Manual. Click here



Lucky Clover Complete Technology

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Upgrade Path:

We recommend the Blake Bailor signature wheels to personalize the style of your Lucky Clover and custom sized pro bars to fit your individual size requirements and enhance your overall scooter riding experience!

Q: How heavy is the Clover scooter?
A: The Clover complete weighs in at 7.75lbs (3.51kg), which is the perfect weight for stability yet easy maneuvering when nailing all of your freestyle scooter tricks!

Q: Why is it more expensive than other Lucky complete scooters?
A: Our Clover scooter is our finest scooter to date and has been enhanced, in order to perfect your riding experience! We have equipped the Lucky Clover with VooDoo back sweep bars, Lucky SCS, Lucky 10 wheels, the legendary Lucky SMX fork and, last but certainly not least, the Lucky Clover deck!

Q: How long will the Clover scooter last me?
A: The Clover scooter was designed and tested by the pros with you in mind! It has been built to stand the test of time as well as the abuse of daily riding! This allows you to do all of your big tricks without hesitation while also providing you with the precision you need to roll away from those much more technical tricks!

Installation & Maintenance


  • Weekly wheel rotation for urethane preservation
  • Weekly bearing cleaning and lubricating for maximum bearing potential
  • Daily tightening of axle, compression and brake bolts as needed
  • Monthly replacement of Clover deck grip tape as needed
  • Weekly cleaning and lubricating of headset bearings for premium performance

Lucky Rider Manual Download

Download your PDF copy of the Lucky Rider Manual. Click here

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