Lil Jon Aglialoro


Jon “Lil Jon” Aglialoro is the epitome of insanity. Jon will try anything on or off the scooter just to prove to you that he can do it.  He will throw himself down the biggest staircase that you can find him, while also being able to finesse his way through any technical obstacle. Jon can do it all. Well known to have a good time, Jon is a total ladies man. Always willing to throw a backflip to impress the ladies, Jon can shred a skate park with the best of them. His short, stalky build makes for a very powerful, unique riding style that stands out in a crowd. Lucky Scooters celebrates Jon Aglialoro with his own signature fork.


Hometown: Mesa, Arizona 
Sponsors: Lucky Scooters, Rooky Cartel, Elyts
Deck: Lucky Clover
Wheels: Lucky Tens
Bars: Lucky Pry bars
Fork: Lucky SMX 
Shoe size + preference: size 10 Nike 
Favorite park: KTR
Local park: KTR
Riders who inspire you: BMX riders

Social Feed:

Instagram: @jonaglialoro

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